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PLOT: Lil Picard died. Boris met Clayton Patterson and participated in Clayton shows. Dietmar Kirves pushed forward in Berlin a NO!art show at NGBK. Disruption with them because they limited the NO!art movement. Janos Gat is involved in Boris Lurie and the NO!art movement. Buchenwald Memorial presented "Boris Lurie works: 1946-98". Klaus Fabricius made a short Boris Lurie show at Dorn Gallery Stuttgart.


ATTENTION, announcement 1997ATTENTION! CONGRESS OF RESISTANCE | Curated by Clayton Patterson, Boris Lurie, Leonid Pinchevsky, and Alexander Brener | The worldwide Political, Business and Cultural Power is trying to control all spheres of human activity: social, cultural, scientific, and life itself! The mass media, controlled and led by the same Power determine the quality and fairness of the social and cultural phenomena as well as of the scientific research, medical practices and pharmacological control. They are trying to usurp the right to declare some social arrangements ... |   more


Outlaw art, Invitationcard 1993OUTLAW ART SHOW | Clayton Galerie | New York 1993 | with contributions by Cochise/Black Widow, Satan's Sinners Nomads, G. G. Allin, Michael Cezar / Pope of Pot, Anne, Michael Wilson / Coney Island Man, Boris Lurie / NO!art, Sasha, Ray Cortez, Robert Delford Braun, Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, Gia Jupiter, Charles Gatewood, TRO5, CR, Shocker, Dim, Seon, Lers, AV333, LEDZ | Gatewood and Lurie will sign her books

NO!art SHOW with Boris Lurie, Isser Aronovici, and Aldo Tambellini
Clayton Gallery, New York 1994

NO! catalog, NGBK-Berlin 1995NO! | Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK) | Berlin 1995 | Show initiated by Dietmar Kirves with artworks by Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman, Stanley Fisher, Allan d'Arcangelo, Suzan Long, (Harriet Wood), Isser Aronovici, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Dorothy Gillespie, Yayoi Kusama, Michelle Stuart, Erro, Herb Brown, Stella Waitzkin, Lil Picard, Rocco Armento, Esther Gilman, Richard Tyler mit Textbeiträgen von Ulrike Abel, Georg Bussmann, Estera Milman, Clayton Patterson, Simon Tayler, and Wolf Vostell.

InvitationcardNO!SHOW | Clayton Gallery | New York 1997
with artworks by Dietmar Kirves and Mathilda Wolf

Boris Lurie: Bleed, catalog 1997BORIS LURIE: Bleed 1969 | Janos Gat Gallery | New York 1997 | ... It does not conform to imposed formal criteria, to the accepted notions of taste - either good or bad. It does not conform to any rules at all but those of necessity. Concentration camps have rules, dictators have rules; even the art-world has rules. Lurie has survived them all; his art is a straightforward portrayal of what he has seen around him. And he has seen a lot. It has been said that all modern art in America is about anxiety, the anxiety that comes with "freedom." Lurie's art has the distinction of knowing about both freedom and imprisonment... | more

HERBERT BROWN: Subway Posters Repainted, 1964-66 | Janos Gat Gallery | New York 1998 | "At the present time, when graffiti are scribbled on virtually every available public surface, the idea of scrawling a child's face over a poster or an ad page from a popular magazine might seem obvious. But that was not the case in the early Sixties when Herb Brown began the practice with a vengeance. Legitimately and by stealth, he acquired stacks of advertising pages and subway posters and used them as the grounds for his paintings. | more

Boris Lurie: Works 1946-98,  Buchenwald 1998BORIS LURIE, Works 1946-98 | Buchenwald Memorial 1998 | Im Weimarer Kulturhauptstadtjahr 1999 ist die Ausstellung von Boris Lurie ein künstlerisch-politischer Gegenschlag, der sich nicht um ästhetische Feinsinnigkeiten schert, denn der Ort der Kunst-Handlung, die oberhalb Weimars gelegene Gedenkstätte des KZ Buchenwald, auch kaum zulassen würde. Die realen Schrecken des Ortes und die eigenen erlebten in Kunst gebannt, das ist das, was der KZ Häftling Lurie als Künstler im einstigen Desinfektionsgebäudes zeigt. | more in German

NO!art show, New York 1998, catalogNO!art SHOW # 3 with Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, Clayton Patterson, and Wolf Vostell | Janos Gat Gallery | New York 1998 | Boris Lurie's Dismembered Women: Fighting on the Roof is one of the Ur-paintings of NO!art, a wall-size mural executed in 1952. - Tompkins Square Park Police Riot and Spirit of Freedom: video, photographs, and Court-Action as Art by Clay ton Patterson, Lower East Side cultural organizer, archivist, activist and video-maker. - Dietmar Kirves: NO!indicators. Recent conceptual cryptography by the Berlin Political-Action-Artist, university lecturer, designer, and compiler of the NO!art Archives. - Wolf Vostell: Spoon over the Berlin Wall, and My Lai. ... | more

Boris Lurie: Knives in Cement ..., flyerBORIS LURIE: Knives in Cement and Other Selected Constructions | South River Gallery | UIMA | Iowa City 1999 | Completed in the early 1970s, Boris Lurie's unsettling assemblage of knives, concrete, rags and torn underwear was initially titled The End of Revolution. As can be expected, there is little about Knives in Cement that is optimistic. Instead, in its unmistakable reference to perpetual carnage, the work is imbued with a tangible dystopian aura. A segment of this piece is currently installed in The University of Iowa Museum of Art's ... | more

Collages and Prints
Gallery Dorn, Stuttgart 2003


NO box, 1996NO box | Edition Hundertmark | Cologne 1996 | with signed contributions by David Amram, Isser Aronovici, Herb Brown, Allan D'Arcangelo, Stanley Fisher, Erro, Sam Goodman, Jon Hendriks, Jean Toche, Dietmar Kirves, Boris Lurie, Jack Micheline, Clayton Patterson, Elsa Rensaa, David "Red" Rodriguez, Gertrude Stein, Michelle Stuart, Aldo Tambellini, Jean Toche, Wolf Vostell, Stella Waitzkin and Harriet Wood (Suzanne Long). | Edition: 40 examples, 47 x 37 x 11 cm


Boris Lurie: Railroad collage 1997 (1963)Boris Lurie: Saturation painting "Buchenwald", 1997 (1963)Boris Lurie: NO pin-up 1997 (1972)Boris Lurie: Death's sculpture 1997, Detail (1962)
RAILROAD COLLAGE 1963, offsetprint edition
SATURATION PAINTING BUCHENWALD 1963, offsetprint edition
NO ON PINUP 1972, offsetprint edition
DEATH'S SCULPTURE 1962, offsetprint edition


ABOUT DIETMAR KIRVES by Boris Lurie, New York 1998
ABOUT CLAYTON PATTERSON by Boris Lurie, New York 1998
ATTENTION! by Clayton Patterson et al, New York 1997
BORIS LURIE: KNIVES IN CEMENT by Estera Milman, Iowa 1999
BORIS LURIE'S NO!art by Sarah Schmerler, New York 1997
DIETMAR KIRVES AND NO!art by Carl Mai, New York 1998
EVERYMAN BORIS LURIE by Martin Levitt, Essex Junction, VT 1999
INTERVIEW WITH BORIS LURIE by Dietmar Kirves, Berlin 1995
INTERVIEW WITH BORIS LURIE by Alan Murdock, New York 1999
LOST ART by John Strausbaugh, New York 1994
NO!art IN RETROSPECT by Jean-Jacques Lebel, Paris 1995
NOTES ON THE AESTHETICS OF DOOM by Estera Milman, Iowa City, IA 1995
THE BEAT GOES ON! by Szanne Long, Woodbury, VT 1995
THE NO!art MOVEMENT IN NEW YORK 1960-64 by Simon Taylor, New York 1995
TO WOLF VOSTELL by Boris Lurie, New York 1998
YES! ... BUT IS IT Art? by Clayton Patterson, New York


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