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UIMA University of Iowa Museum of Art | 150 North Riverside Drive | Iowa City | April 27 to June 23, 2002


and disappointing. (it´s supposed to be!)

Allowing and gratifying!

extremely wonderful show-very important-maybe the best since the fluxus shows you had. I think in light of the times we are presently living in-it is a wake-up/a reminder... of the world we live in-right now. (Sandy Dyas)

A bit more thought provoking the dressed up dogs.
A display of ignorance.

I hope someone is collecting the posters and artifacts of the 2002 Jean Marie Le Pen first voting victory in France - There is an art show to create with them- CH

Revolutionary Art is nolonger for the talented, but is now for anyone by a can of spray paint and a glue stick.

one thing is certain: there is no art here. (< that´s the idea silly!)

I touched the paintings. (good!)

Beautiful collages!
Their surfaces and rebellious nature held my attention for a long time.

This show took me by surprise-I wasn´t expecting such radical art from the Univ of Iowa Museum. A very timely show, during the idiotic war on terror. I love this work but am pertumbed + fascinated by the contradictions brought to bear by seeing it in this context. NO!art´s anti-establishment (including the ART establishment ie: this museum tomb of art) message is complicated by the space. Has it been sanitized, or has ist radicalized the establishment a bit? Gazing at the work, imaging its original exhibition in coop galleries, raw and spontaneous + interactiv, I was struck (amused + saddened) by now little things have changed in 40 years when the bored museum guard told me I hat bo put my sweater away, I wasn´t allowed to "carry anything" evan a little sweater over my arm, he told me it was "just rules". Ok. This is similar to my being told in NY, not to stand too close to the art! The irony is beautiful. Foolishness. Oh well

I´m glad we´re past it, but it was exciting when it was happening.

The corpses on the railroad flat car attributed to "Adolf Hitler, 1945" remind me of the irreverent T-shirts "Adolf Hitler World Tour, 1933-45". Hitler was an evil twisted genius who failed as a painter + moved on to sculpt whole societies. -cwa 5/5/2002

Obviously, this art represents the breakdown of society and, also reflects a society without morals and standards. The display (of poop) is really not "art"! It´s a shame that people make poop head a living doing stuff like that. TK 5/5/02

The artist that depicts the savage ways of war and the lasting affects of literal and profound disfigurement, (Table w/soldiers), struck me. It is my humble opinion however that all that stirs distaste or remarks is not necessarily art. YK 5.5.02

I´m surprised we have stuff like that here at the U5, but this is history and this is important. 5-5-02

Please don´t display your ignorance in education + art there should be no censorship! Why not just eliminate thinking!

Very good to have this show, a foresummer of so much (must lately, the "sensation" show at the Jewish Museum in N.Y.?) -Jules Chavietzky + Anne Halley, Anekent, Ma 5/9/02

Thank you for bringing this display to I.C. It is important to me to see this installation in a "HighArt" setting also because it shows that even uncouth displays/statements such as this are Art and that more traditional artists can value it as such. *Angela*

Perfect example of truth!

Nonsense. Not worthy of taking up space in an educational institution. No more $ ´til this is gone.

Because provokatal art is not educational?

Another College Art Gallery. Like many others, trying to strike some nerve! Bad nervs!
This show is not for children! (you should hide them from the truth)
What about children? Where can we force them to see Art. Not Fads! Art? Not Here For Sure!

Also weary of the holocaust display I thought was temporary. This is not art either - just history! Also not for children - why should they be made afraid to come here? Sick

Take them to the children´s museum, this is a university museum for college aged people who don´t want to look at William Wegman.

Early Wegman maybe...

This is good. Lots of maysayers should keep their mouths shut. 5/12/02

Great work... hopefully it will help more people to open up their minds and see things from a different perspective instead of from their normally high class "highart" viewpoint!

"NO!art is intentionally offensive" I admire this museum for having the guts to have a show like this. It challenges those who see art as existing merely to be something pretty to look at. And encourages us to use art to make a unique and true statement about the world in which we live. It is also helping to open the clouds for those who choose to use art as our voice in society, when we would normally be silenced.

Remember what G.W.´s press see. Ari Fleischer said about Bill Maher´s statements on politically incorrect.

I think when viewing this show, it is important to remember that these images were made in the 50s. While they may have seemed shocking at the time, today they look plain sexist. Boris Lurie can say that his images are anti-war, anti-art establishment, etc., but to me, he should´ve been more aware of his violence against women. Cutting up naked female pictures is a violent act. Right on!!

Not timeless... But that´s the point.

Thank you for having the courage to display this work. I live in Cincinnati, and sadly, we will never see the likes of this exhibit there (especially after the Mapplethorpe fiasco in 1990).
I hope that some of the viewers who are enclined to dismess this art as garbage will come to see that NO!art isn´t intended to shock simply for farely shock value. Rather, it aims to strip away the fa(ade of aesthetic sensibility that hoodwinks us into self-deception about our capacity for violence and destruction. It´s easy to cushion ourselves with beauty and assume that all violence stems from the other (the 9/11 terrorists or whatnot ). It´s much harder to own up to the violence within ourselves and within our own sonetal values (such as, for instance, consumerism). To expose these bad-faith cushions for what they are, as the NO! artist did, isn´t just a political act-it´s an aesthetic one as well, because it shows us that our aesthetic choices have ethical ramefications.
Felicia E. Kruse, Cincinnati, Ohio


Great stuff, but perhaps the biggest irony is that these images are not really allthat shocking anymore.

We´ve all seen many of these pictures, scenes, juxtapositions, etc. before. The shock value wears off quickly-or perhaps my eye is too quick to see what´s here and think, "Oh yeah, I´ve seen something like this before." I hope people stilldo get upset at seeing this exhibit. It´s my view, however, that unfortunately these days we´re all too information-overloaded to be shocked or disgusted... certainly not enough to actually do anything that challenges the status quo. Here´s hoping that this wakes someone up, even if only for the time it takes to walk out to the parking lot...

Thanks for bringing this show in-I appreciate pretty a chance to see it here in I.C.

William Wegman is my hero! He sucks! ... and his dog too.

I think this guys a Nazi

Thank you! Please continue to show political, thought-provoking, empressing work. Most enjoy ...

This show displays exactly the artists intelligence.

It´s good that this kind of art strikes nerves in people, then why else would it be here? It otherwise may have a weaker statement if they were "cencored". Very intriging. I love looking at things that make me think -Julie N.

Word. 8 No Art is Shit

This is what punk kids from Omaha used to do when making flyers for art shows and rock shows in downtown warehouses in the late 80´s and early 90´s. That's how I know it´s true and good. And it´s fantastic to see predecessors with the same thoughts. And we need this Now. Thank you.

What a relief, support, sigh to have pornography put in its place. Thank you artists for putting the objectivication of women where it belongs, alongside war, genocide, mutiktions´violence. May we know peace! Ulam Irin, Annapolis, MD

A wonderful show-everything I hoped it would be-some different pieces than the version at Nortwestern- 5/30/02

I didn´t see the sign warning adults about taking their children into this exhibition until I came out. I would have at least been forewarned. This is evil personified, ugliness glorified and somenone´s brain-fried. What a hard cold heart this artist must have! I hate it and frankly, I rarely hate anything. It only serves to make the place who are warm ....question the premiere of ART even naked... Thank you for allowing me to have a voice. I love Wm. Wegman & his dogs. 5/31/02

We want more animals dressed up in people clothes either that or put up the Hydrogen man permanately

Wonderful S. Salant, June 10 02

Amazing show! Free speech at it´s finest - aggressively beautiful and profound. Post 9-11, this show is evocation that blind faith is not a good thing and to question as you continue to believe in humanity potential - as well as its differences/defiances. DH 5/31

WOW!!! Paul 6/23/02

A show that angers, and makes one think all at the same time. Some may say it is violent, disgusting and Sexist, and that in the arts point. Its point being not just to anger you, but make you question why it makes you angry, by confronting the emotions the art provokes, are better understand ... and the society we live in.
-Andrew MacNaughton

Simply some of the best "Arghhh!-RT" I´ve ever seen! What can I say?... Extremely disturbing art that doesn´t permit one to close off one´s self to the disturbing things humans do to themselves, love it!
-Neil van Gorder

If they really wanted to be more shocking, they probably should have used more pictures of small children being brutally raped. I hear you can find that pretty easily on the Internet. It was also great to see the number of little kids who could make it out for the show. I saw two 4 year olds who found "his coffin" quite amusing. I bet they know how to find disturbing material - more disturbing than here, on the Internet.

This was an incredible show! I was very interested in the pieces that had both concentration camp + nude pics. Also-the concentration camp pics with "be Adolf Hitler" à la Duchamp. My 1st visit to the museum + I will be back!

Beautifully and intensely shocking. Does what art should do. Widen the mind and remind us of the times.

One wonders what the real purpose of these "provocative" shows is - perhaps presenting art that doesn´t even pretend not to be pure shit and then sneering at those who point out this fact is an attempt to eliminate any taste in our society. Interesting how anything that someone dubs "art" automatically is elevated above the status where it´s value can be questioned.
Art can be shit - there can be incompetant artists just as there are incompetant people in any field. It was a mistake to free artists from the responsibility of finding someone to appreciate their work and simply handing out the tax dollars. What if we did the same with plumbers?
All of you people that are so determined to question society - yet you just dare anyone to question this art, lest they be branded ignorant... are we refusing to question things, or simply trying to give up the responsibility to judge and think?
Where´s the bestiality? Where´s the woman shitting in someone´s mouth? Not very shocking. An I was disappointed by the excessive focus on the holocaust. Why not look inward and show the bombing of Nagasaki? So much more could have been done.

Lumumba (of Zaire) was murdered by CIA agent in Kinshasa, who has gone public.

It´s got a good beat + I could dance to it. That´s what I like in any art show. I haven´t had this much fun since the holocaust museum!! And credit for using a Mr. Machine!
-Mr. Tango13

Makes you question yourself?

How very appropriate for the current times-does not surprise me - they were eliminated from Art History -too Truthful.

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