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NEWSLETTER # 1 - March 2004

NO!art goes ON

On February 15, suffered a "hacker" attack of unknown origin and extent and is presently "crashed" and off-line. Now, we recover from this crash. Here's our new address: Your connection for mails is right now:

You will receive our newsletter with important informations concerning NO!art in variable sequence.

Please mind our news link and take note of the new show:
February, 17 to March, 20, 2004 at Janos Gat Gallery: 1100 Madison Ave, New York

Note: You received this newsletter when your address was listed in our mailing list. If you don't agree or you don't want to receive the newsletter any more,
please give information to us. Send mal to with subject "NO"

Welcomes correspondence from anyone and anywhere on this globe .......

With best greetings
NO!art headquarters-east, Berlin
NO!art headquarters-west, New York

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