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OUTLAW ART MUSEUM | 161 Essex Street | New York, NY 10002 | August 26, 2005

Group Show with Aldo Tambellini, Angel Orensanz, Apocalyn, Boris Lurie, Baba Raul Canizares, Ben Morea, Candy Darling, Charles Gatewood, Clayton Patterson, Cochise, Dash Snow, Eddie Menuau, Elsa Rensaa, Herbert Huncke, Horisei, Jerry Pagane, Manwoman, Nico Ponce de Leon Dios, Taylor Mead, Red Spot, Robert Parker, Shawn Mortensen, Spider Webb, Peter Missing and Surreal Hazard.

And the extraordinary songs of guitarist Joe Semz | His songs which come up from the street struggles and the troubles of our times. | Joe is the street man's Bob Dylan. | Friday Aug. 26, 7-10 pm

Clayton Presents: Short Cuts 2 | You must be over 18, have an open mind, a strong stomach. Be ready for a quick look into same of the darker parts in under the underground. | Pioneer Theatre at 155 East 3rd Street. | Friday August 26 at 10:40 pm