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past 1997 search & find in the NO!art archives

Curated by Clayton Patterson and Boris Lurie
with Leonid Pinchevsky, and Alexander Brener
Published in: Manhattan Mirror, New York, 1997
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Attention page in Manhattan Mirror, New York 1997

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The worldwide Political, Business and Cultural Power is trying to control all spheres of human activity: social, cultural, scientific, and life itself! The mass media, controlled and led by the same Power determine the quality and fairness of the social and cultural phenomena as well as of the scientific research, medical practices and pharmacological control. They are trying to usurp the right to declare some social arrangements positive, i.e. good, and others negative, i.e. evil. Thus they manipulate the morals and conscience of the human community. They promote people advancing their ideologies to be the cultural idols and use television and drugs to control our minds and beings. The triumph of the theatrical democracy is the demise of Democracy. The triumph of the Avant-garde has consigned its achievements to the museums, thus abolishing the avant-garde; all under the guise of the now outdated concept of modernism. They may have abolished the avant-garde, but they could not abolish its traditions-the traditions of free thinking and spirit. All the institutions have been monopolized: the press, television, communications, culture, etc.. The society is facing an abyss. That's why we are appealing to all the free thinking people-thedissidents and individuals-to the political and cultural human being of the Earth! to come together and create an action. All come together to create a peoples congress.

We need a Congress of Resistance! We need to mobilize all the progressive forces to conduct a Congress of Resistance. Resistance to what?

Resistance to massive lies, corruption, imperialism, violence, body and mind control. We will build the Congress of Resistance with the goal of defending human dignity freedom of thought and creativity, human individuality. All out for the Congress of Resistance! and to create an action.

Organisation: Clayton Patterson, Boris Lurie, Leonid Pinchevsky, Alexander Brener

Supporters: Ferderico G. Pommier Vincelli, Historian, Rome (Italy); Konstantin Simun, Artist, Boston; Mark Krame, Writer, New York; Robert D. Brown, Artist, New York; Steve Bonge, Photographer, New York; Anne Ardolino, Poet, New York; Elsa Rensaa, Artist, New York; Ralph Feldman, Photographer, New York; Jim Power, Mosaicman, New York; Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Artist, New York; Charles Gatewood, Photographer, San Francisco; Boris Lurie, Artist, New York; Sasha Bourdo, Actor, Paris; Eleen Ribire, Journalist, Paris; Dietmar Kirves, Artist, Berlin; Mathilda Wolf, Artist, Berlin; Manwoman, Artist, Canada.

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