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Editorial staff: Peter Meseck, Friedrich Wall and Dietmar Kirves
Translations: Nicole Becker and Caroline Schiener
Book on demand | Brochure 22 x 17 cm | 96 pages | 42 color prints | Berlin 2007

catalog coverPREFACE BY KLAUS FERENTSCHIK ['Pataphysician] | It’s quite often that slight changes of the existing are sufficient to indicate new perspectives and to reveal different worlds in this way. Those worlds are existing right from the beginning of course, as well as the conventional one revealing itself at first sight. But usually: most of the people are unable to recognize it. Either they refuse for it’s comfortable just the way it is, or they are not able to because it’s even much more comfortable than trying hard. It remains as an open question and it’s left up to them. Besides, it takes only a slight change to give a completely new image of the whole.

Both, Peter and Friedrich, are converting advertising posters in such a way that new contents take form. The originally meant effect of the poster is set off and turns into its opposite. Smooth faces with slick shapes mutate to grotesque mugs and grimaces with crippled bodies of apparent leprosy. Existing hidden aspects of a different kind come to light anyhow. But the hidden aspects belong to the authentic as it is impossible that worlds exist without having an opposite. Platforms develop into subsidiary platforms and subsidiary platforms develop into meta platforms where everything takes place. It’s by no means the creation of a new world or even a new story. On the contrary: these platforms hold on tight to the existing for a change.

Peter and Friedrich are simply reversing it, they turn it upside down, put it aside or on its back to show what is still inside, what exists without being apparent at first sight. Here the real world is confronted with an opposite full of imagination. Everything is existing, everything is allowed as everything not allowed is true.

Images in the catalog: Crack dough peace + Kismett Carmen + Starbrush + Requiem for a fart + Reach out for gold + Henkel revolution + Slam the Buddah + (pi)casso + Vanillasex + B-Voodoo + Don't do it + Docmartin + Only the speck goes to heaven + GI dream + Plum tango + Lidl bondage + Temple of beer + Everything banana + Working makes free + Schroeder in the image mountains + Day of German reunification heating + Europa + The bar is open + Rock Head + Only praying will help + Underneath the high heel cross + It wasn't only Horst's Else who gave an impression + The next man, same lady + Lost and found + Ballsack + Squeakboys + Pedopaul + Dance of the dead + Knitting for a new Germany + Space is the place + Sail away, dream your dreams + El Papa + Honeymoon in Barce + Jump into Luck + In dwarfland + Fun Generation.


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