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He was involved in the NO!art and a friend of Boris Lurie
He died on December 30 at the age of 87. Throughout his career as an artist, he worked in various media and beginning in 1956, exhibited his work at the March Gallery on 10th Street in N.Y.C.

He was involved in the NO!art and a friend of Boris Lurie.
He passed away on Thanksgiving night (11/24/11) at the age of 88. His life was truly colorful - full of amazing characters, stories and art - as was his personality, and his contributions to modern painting.


Krum ChorbadzhievKRUM CHORBADZHIEV | He photographs the light and through this topic, an obsession of the impressionist painters, he offers an apparently abstract work. It is difficult to believe that only the time of exposure and his talent combined create these visual marvels. | June 15


Webanalytics in September 2011WEBANALYTICS | Tabulated geograpically by continents and countries with more than 30 visits | 121,121 page views on all NO!art domains and subdomains


Welcomes correspondence and works from anyone and anywhere on this globeINVITATION | NO!art occupies the strategic juncture where artistic production meets socio-cultural action. NO!art aims total unabashed self-expression in art leading to social involvement. Welcomes correspondence and works from anyone and anywhere on this globe.


see photo reportWALL STREET OCCUPATION | Photo report by Clayton Patterson | Even though “occupation” crowds are starting to dwindle a bit, folks are still being detained. A photo essay by legendary neighborhood chronicler Clayton Patterson. He’s been documenting the developments there.


ABOUTDIRTY OLD TOWN | Premiere | USA 2011 | 80 min | A Film by Jenner Furst, Daniel Levin, Julia W. Nason | Consulting Producer Clayton Patterson
BABYLON | Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30 | Berlin-Mitte
June 20 #10pm | June 29 #7:30pm | July 1 #7:30pm | July 2 #7:30pm

BMW Guggenheim LAB | INFOCAPTURED: A Film/Video History of the Lower East Side-A Conversation and Screening with Clayton Patterson | About the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in Lower East Side | BMW Guggenheim Lab | New York | August 27

INFOCAPTURED | USA 2008 | A film by Ben Solomon, Daniel Levin, and Jenner Furst about and with Clayton Patterson | New York, 2007 | 90 min
BABYLON CINEMA | Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30 | Berlin-Mitte
June 20 | June 29 | July 1 | July 3

INFOCAPTURED | Documentary presented by Clayton Patterson (In-Person) | A film by Ben Solomon, Daniel Levin, and Jenner Furst | 85 mins USA, 2008 | OPEN STAGE | Harrisburg | May 29


with artists from Europe, Brazil, Iran and U.S.A.
GALLERY OFFENES ATELIER | Villach/Austria | 1/14 - 2/1/2012

Krum Chorbadzhiev: 35 mm | ExhibtionKRUM CHORBADZHIEV: 35 MM | Moviemento Berlin | Dec 9 | In the cinema operating room dominates at least an exciting atmosphere like in the screening room. Thirty year-old projectors and skew film roles provide for it. As a projectionist I want to hold on photographically the curiosities.

Poster | see moreALDO TAMBELLINI: BLACK ZERO | Chelsea Art Museum | Performance of Black Zero, Featuring: Aldo Tambellini, Christoph Draeger, Henry Grimes, Ben Morea, and Kewighbaye Kotee | Oct 4 - Nov 1

Dominik Stahlber | Hammer 2011DOMINIK STAHLBERG: NEW SCULPTURES | My personal hammer with which I change the world ...hangs at my ceiling-I hope safely.

Mathilda Wolf | Princess 2011MATHILDA WOLF: VOLERE | Seven new Electro-Animations formed in here studio.

Natalia E. Woytasik show | PulcinellaNATALIA E. WOYTASIK: PULCINELLA | Exhibition with 12 new paintings at Palazzo Vecchio in Vibonato (Salerno/Italy) | Corso d. Umberto 81 | Opening on November 12, 2011 at 9 pm

Satan's daughter | INFO in GermanREINHARD SCHEIBNER: SATAN'S DAUGHTER | Solo exhibition with drawings | EDI'S WEINSTUBE | Zurich | June 10 through July 7

Festival | INFOLES EXPOSED | Groupshow during Festival of Ideas for the New City | with Anderson, Apparu, Dios, Dunn, Gatewood, Kevin Harris, Troy Harris, Hirsch, Hoppe, LA II, Lowe, Missing, Orensanz, Pagane, Patterson, Rensaa, Q. Sakamaki, Sheddy, Suzannah B. Troy.

UNION DOCS | INFODOWN THE ROAD: Modern New York Street Photography | Groupshow with Clayton Patterson, Jake Dobkin, and Matt Weber | New York City has a long history of street photography, tracing back to the 1800's and early practitioners like Jacob Riis and Alfred Stieglitz.

2-3 STRASSEN | INFO in GERMANJOCHEN GERZ: 2-3 STREETS | Dortmund, Mühlheim, Duisburg | It is a record of the events, feelings and thoughts, be they inner or outer, far or near, encountered or imagined by participants, regardless of the underlying rationale.


BAGL | Berlin Artists Going Live | INFOFOLTERGAUL | Musical reading out of the book from Peter Rathke "Im Knast mit Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer" | BAGL (Berlin Artists Going Live) | Berlin-Mitte | September 10, 2011 | at 5 pm


One-on-One | Dialog milman/Lurie 2000ONE-ON-ONE | NO!art and the Aestehtics of Doom | This four part, real-time dialogue between NO!art founder, Boris Lurie, and cultural historian, Estera Milman, took place in 2000 as a documentary component for the exhibition NO!art and the Aesthetics of Doom.


Clayton Patterson | Sunday salons at Guggenheim LabCLAYTON PATTERSON has created a series of five Sunday Salons for the BMW Guggenheim Lab. This week, join Dr. David Ores, general practitioner, as he discusses his work providing general medical care and other community medical services for the poor and people ...


NO!art trademarkDOMAIN NAME INFRINGEMENT at "no-art.info" | Letter from lawyer Anthony Williams | On Feb 24, 2011 the Boris Lurie Art Foundation admonished us not to use the Domainname "no-art.info" any more and gives us an ultimatum to transfer the Domain up to them till March 15, 2011.

Boris Lurie Art Foundation | Webseite seit 11. August 2011 im NetzBORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION (BLAF) ONLINE | The Boris Lurie Art Foundation is now online with empty content. Let us see what they will copy from our NO!art website. | All pit bulls barks BLAF.

Lurie show at Chelsea Art Museum | New York 2011BORIS LURIE "NO!" | The Art of Boris Lurie | Curated by John Wronoski | Exhibition at Chelsea Art Museum, New York, March 26 to May 15 | This show avoid the NO!art movement in the sense of Boris Lurie totally. It is an art market manipulation by Gertrude Stein and her co-partners.

BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION | offline 2.7.2011BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION | Website is not available now. You get only this image for information about BLAF | Reason: Cash advance debt consolidation insurance borislurieartfoundation.org | Date: 7/2/11 | What happens with the multi-millionaires?

Boris Lurie Show at Pierre Menard Gallery 2011BORIS LURIE: NO! Prologue to a retrospective | Art of the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies | It is our privilege to present the first gallery exhibition of artwork from the estate of the Russian-born American artist Boris Lurie, a representative sampling of his art of the fifties, sixties and seventies.


click & viewDETLEV HJULER & MAMA BAER | A!statement: Gertrude stop doing it | A statement for the NO!art Movement! The Boris Lurie Art Foundation has put a trade mark right on the term NO!art, a fact that never could have been the will of Boris Lurie. | Cafe OTO | 18-22 Ashwin St | London | Apr 15


Ai Weiwei circa late 1980’s | Photo by Clayton PattersonFROM NO!art TO NOW-AI WEIWEI, THE STRUGGLE GOES ON | Note by Clayton Patterson | published in: THE VILLAGER, New York, April 21, 2011 | In dealing with the problem of the so-called Boris Lurie Art Foundation-which, through the use of trickery and the misuse of trademark laws, is attempting to steal the NO!art movement’s name and distort its history against the wishes of one of its original owners, Boris Lurie-the typical solution would be to address the matter in court. ...

The Villager | New York 2011NO! NO! NO! DON’T DESTROY DIETMAR’s NO!art WEB SITE | by Clayton Patterson | Published in: The Villager, New York | March 24, 2011 | Dietmar has accumulated the largest archive of communications with Boris, as well as other material associated with NO!art. But his more serious, publicly accessible work in support of NO!art is the NO!art Web site. The site, which was created at Boris’s request in 1999, is a wealth of material that has helped to educate people all over the world about the history, ambitions and social significance of NO!art. It was with Boris’s oversight that Dietmar turned the written page into a veritable virtual archive for the movement.

Looking back at 9/11 by Clayton PattersonON THE GROUND AT THE TRADE CENTER AS TOWERS FELL | Remembering 9/11 is like viewing an avant-garde filmstrip with several deleted frames. Some images are absolutely clear but there is no continuity of information or connection to what happened before.


Enzo Mastrangelo Sound | FukushimaENZO MASTRANGELO: FUKUSHIMA | POLVERE IN CANTINA | Electronica / Experimental music | Sapri/Italy


PARTY ARTY | blockshots | 4/13/2011BLOCKSHOTS | Shots-especially photographs-taken during the walks for recreation my NO!mind namely in Berlin Kreuzberg and Neukoelln where I live. You can see different public expressions of opinions which were held on on walls, and somewhere else which caught my eye. more

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